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Indoor Rowing for Beginners

Indoor rowing is one of the most convenient and beneficial ways to get a high-intensity full body workout from the comfort of your own home. If you are just getting started with your indoor rowing workouts and want to find out the basics, have a read of our handy beginners’ guide to indoor rowing for all the information you will need.

Reasons to Invest in a Connected Stationary Bike

Deciding whether to purchase a smart stationary bike can be a big decision. However, an exercise bike should be viewed as a long-term investment and there are a multitude of reasons to invest in a connected stationary bike for your home. If you are wondering why a bike is a good investment, then be sure to keep reading to find out some of the top benefits of home exercise bikes.

Instructor Spotlight: Susanna’s Choice for Preventative Surgery

We all encounter tough choices in our lives. However, how we handle these challenges can help define who we are as people and shape our future. Echelon UK instructor Susanna faced one such choice when she discovered she had the BRCA 1 gene mutation.

St Barts Trust Relay Ride 2021

St Barts Trust and Echelon UK came together with a joint vision to create an event for the staff at St Barts Hospital. An opportunity for Echelon to say thank you for all the hardwork and dedication from our key workers, and a chance for NHS staff to relieve anxiety, encourage wellbeing and boost morale.

Pitbull X Echelon: A Show-Stopping Partnership

It’s going down! Introducing Pitbull X Echelon, a show-stopping partnership like never before featuring Pitbull-themed rides that will have you out of the saddle and on top of the world — available NOW in the Echelon Fit app. Exclusive music, merchandise, and more coming soon.

Tour De Echelon 2021

Starting June 26 for 23 days and 21 stages, our instructors will lead classes that are inspired by the terrain of the Tour de France 2021

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