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What People Say

“So glad I signed up – it was just a bit of fun, but I can’t believe the positivity it’s brought!”

Stacey R, Nationwide

“Trying to ride 100km is no mean feat, but riding an Echelon bike made the miles tick by faster. I henjoyed the scenic routes, whilst the classes have pushed me to my limits despite being an experienced cyclist!”

Paul A, Nationwide

“Loving the Tribe cycling so far!”

Jamie C, Nationwide

“Loving the competition - such a great cause and a reminder that I actually enjoy cycling!”

Jeanette C, Nationwide

“Really love the challenge!”

Yvonne W, Nationwide

“I'm big into my cycling; it helps me recover and reflect on the day's activities.”

NHS employee from St Bart's Trust

“Working in a hospital, it's good to exercise when you get out of work and clear your mind, ready to go again.”

NHS employee from St Barts Trust

“Absolutely knackered! I could really feel the lactate in my thighs!”

NHS employee from St Bart's Trust

“Absolutely smashed it! I gave it everything I could in the first pit stop. Exercise is my way of destressing.”

NHS employee from St Bart's Trust
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A partnership with Echelon is more than outfitting your facility with top-tier equipment. Deliver a new fitness experience that blends the newest innovations in fitness technology with the convenience of instructor-led classes to supplement your current offerings.


“The government-lead Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that businesses make a proactive investment in employee wellbeing initiatives and strategies.”

"According to a Gallup study in 2019, if employees have better wellbeing in the first year of their job, they tend to have a better engagement at work in year two.”

“A Leeds Beckett University study found that workers who visited the gym during working hours were more productive, gained a higher satisfaction from work and managed their time better.”

“60% of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental wellbeing.”

“A BBC analysis suggests that if everyone did as little as 11 minutes of daily activity, 1 in 10 premature deaths could be prevented.”

“An improvement in physical wellbeing is intrinsically linked to an improvement in work performance.”

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