Creating your Quintessential Cool Down Routine

Creating your Quintessential Cool Down Routine
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The importance of cool down routines should never be overlooked. As you may know, forgetting this essential step can increase risk of injury, and cause you a world of unnecessary pain that can last for days after your session

In this blog we’ll outline the importance of cool down routines, and provide you with some go-to drills you can do after any form of exercise.

The Importance of Cool Down Routines

Cooling down is a crucial part of any training programme, and has numerous advantages. A proper cool down aids in the gradual transition of your body from a condition of high intensity to a state of rest.

It's essential to gradually lower your breathing and heart rates to avoid experiencing the light-headedness or fainting that can happen when you abruptly stop exercising.

Moreover, just a short amount of time spent doing cool-down exercises can have a big impact on injury avoidance, muscle repair, and general workout satisfaction.

So, its crucial that you never undervalue the effectiveness of these post-workout practises. You'll benefit in the long run and have a better, more enjoyable fitness experience every time. And of course, your body will thank you for it.

Here are a couple cool down drills you can do to help maintain injury free exercise:

Quintessential cool down- option 1:

This is a cool down stretch routine, which can be done after any form of exercise and does not require equipment:

  • Deep Breathing (1 min): Stand or sit comfortably, inhale deeply through your nose, exhale slowly through your mouth.
  • Neck Stretch (30 secs each): Gently tilt your head to each side, feeling the neck stretch.
  • Shoulder Rolls (1 min): Roll shoulders forward for 30 seconds, loosening tension. Repeat in a backwards motion for another 30 seconds.
  • Arm and Chest Stretch (30 secs each): Extend each arm across your chest, while using your opposite arm to hold.
  • Quad Stretch (30 secs each): Stand, bend one knee backward, grab your foot and bring your heel upwards from behind.
  • Calf Stretch (30 secs each): Place one foot behind you, bend the front knee, and feel the calf stretch.
  • Shake Limbs (30 secs): Give your arms and legs a shake to release any built-up lactic acid.
  • Final Deep Breathing (1 min): Finish with 1 last minute of deep, calming breaths to relax.

Quintessential cool down- option 2:

This is a cool down routine that can be done on your Echelon Sport Smart Connect Bike:

  • Easy Pedalling (3 mins): Reduce the machine’s resistance, and begin to pedal at a gentle pace. This will lower your heart rate gradually.
  • Seated Stretch (30 secs): Ease pedalling and reach down to your toes to stretch your lower back and hamstrings.
  • Back Stretch (30 secs): Sit up straight and gently arch your back, feeling a stretch along your spine.
  • Final deep Breathing (1 min): Pedal gently, or remain seated in an upright position if you wish. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, focusing on relaxation and recovery.

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