Get to Know... Rowan

Get to Know... Rowan
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We are putting a spotlight on our amazing Echelon Fit instructors in our exclusive ‘Get to Know…’ blogs. Keep reading to find out more about Rowan.

Instructor: Rowan Foggitt

Language: English

Teaches On: Connect Bike

Studio: London

Instagram: @5060fit

Meet Rowan

Rowan Foggitt is part of the Echelon UK team, and with 28 years of experience in cycling, he has a wealth of knowledge. Rowan, who lives in Bromley, has always had a passion for road cycling and 80s Indie music, which you can expect to hear in his cycling classes.

Rowan’s Fitness Journey

Rowan is an avid cyclist and in 2020, he came 6th in the UK's The Only Way is UP National Hill Climb Championship for the 50+ age group. As the name suggests, this race involves cycling up an incredibly steep hill, and is an event that has been running since 1944.

As well as his own love for training, Rowan enjoys training others and supporting them on their journey to improved health and fitness. He especially helping the more “mature” audience in finding the confidence to get back into fitness and be successful, as Rowan believes everyone can be fit and healthy regardless of age.

What Does Rowan Bring to Echelon?

Rowan has always lived by the concept that participating in sporting activities that you love is the best way to stay fit, and Echelon felt like the perfect fit for him when he was looking for his next role.  

In his own words, Rowan states, “I train people to get fit, I train people to ride bikes faster, I love music—put the three together and HEY PRESTO, you have Echelon.” Members of Rowan’s classes can expect a calming, yet motivating and encouraging presence, as well as many dad jokes.


Rowan’s Advice for New Members

Sticking to the plan is Rowans advice for achieving fitness goals. Himself and the rest of Echelon will be there to support you along the way as well! We recently sat down with Rowan and he shared his top tips for runner, see the article here.

New to Echelon? You can join Rowan on the Connect Bike. His classes, including his 6 Nations Dual Ride with England Rugby star Jason Robinson, are available on-demand and live for Echelon Premier members in the London studio and on the Echelon Fit® app.

Be sure to download the Echelon App and sign up for a premier membership to join Rowan in the upcoming World Cup cycle series!