Updates To the Leaderboard

Updates To the Leaderboard
2 min read

Today we've started rolling out some new changes to our leaderboard system, designed to enhance engagement and individualism.


At Echelon, we believe that personalisation is crucial, as we understand the daunting feeling of seeing thousands of people ahead of you on a leaderboard. From today our members will begin to see a new personalised leaderboard for our On-Demand programmes. You'll now be able to compete against your own ride statistics while receiving live feedback to help you break personal records and meet your fitness goals.


We've also added new percentiles within your age group to reflect the fact that wellness is a personal journey. Our aim is to provide our customers with what they want and support them in exceeding their fitness aspirations. Let's explore the latest updates to our leaderboard:


  • Interactive On-Demand Leaderboard: The leaderboard for on-demand classes now displays your performance ranking within a specific percentile. It offers live coaching feedback, guiding you on whether your current pace will move you up or down within your percentile group. This new view replaces the long list of names, giving you a streamlined perspective that allows you to easily compare your progress against others. And don't worry, if the leaderboard isn't your cup of tea, you can simply swipe it away!
  • New Output Graphs: Take your performance to the next level with our innovative new feature that graphs your previous achievements. This graph tracks your current output against your personal best in a particular class and the last time you took that specific class. It gives you useful information about what you need to do to create a new personal record.

Rest assured, the Live Leaderboard will remain unchanged. Your real-time rank among all other members will still be visible, providing a dynamic and competitive experience. We're committed to continually enhancing your fitness journey and providing you with the tools to achieve your goals. Keep your eye out this week as we roll out our new updates.