Top Tips for Fitting Workouts into Your Busy Schedule

Top Tips for Fitting Workouts into Your Busy Schedule
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Having a busy schedule can make finding time to workout feel impossible. Investing in a smart exercise machine will open up a world of convenience, as it gives you the ability to bring the best aspects of the gym to your home. As well as efficient home exercise, there are also small changes you can do that will help to maintain your fitness while on the go.

So, if you’re struggling to weave workouts into your busy routine, here are our top tips:

Re-think your commutes

The majority of people make their travel plans by researching the most convenient and quickest way to get from A To B.

However for some, the daily commute to and from work may be one of the few instances in a week where time to themselves is available. If this is the case, we urge you to re think your commute, if you can.

Instead of driving, why not cycle or even walk to work? Or, if you live too far you could park slightly further away and walk the rest of the journey.

If you take public transport you can still make changes similar to these. Why not get off a stop or two earlier?

Changes like these may seem small, but they can make the world of difference if they are done daily.

Incorporate HIIT workouts into your week

Looking for an intense workout while on borrowed time? HIIT workouts are your solution.

High Intensity Interval Training is arguably the best workout for busy individuals. This is because you only need up to half an hour, or sometimes less than 10 minutes to complete your workout.

How you complete your HIIT workout is up to you, but they should consist of short burst of intense exercise, broken up with low intensity recovery periods.

Bring the gym to your home

Some may feel that having a good exercise machine, or multiple is a large investment. However, when you consider the convenience due to the time and money saved on travel and gym membership, it becomes a worthwhile investment for many individuals.

Going to the gym involves planning. However, if you own a good exercise machine you can use it whenever you find you have a spare ten minutes, making it a much easier option for those who cannot always factor leaving the house into their exercise plans.

Utilise your lunch break

Exercising on your lunch hour is a great way to break up the day, keep you fit and help you concentrate for longer.

There are many ways in which you can fit exercise into your lunch breaks. If you travel to work you can go for a walk, for example. Or, if you work from home you can still go for walks. Alternatively, you can hop on your favourite exercise machine for a quick HIIT workout.

Get creative

When you live an extremely busy lifestyle, factoring exercise into your routine can become more of a creative endeavour.

This is because you may need to find ways to add a fitness element to your everyday errands or obligations.

Some things you can do could be wearing ankle or wrist weights while doing cleaning and laundry. Or, if you have children you can bond with them through a fitness based activity. Get them out of the house by taking them swimming, for example!

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