Our Top Five Stair Climber Workouts

Our Top Five Stair Climber Workouts
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Stair climbers offer a great way to step up your fitness and provide a low-impact, high-calorie burning workout.

What’s more, they are great for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. In this article, we’ll outline the many benefits of the stair climber and help you find the perfect stair climber workout for you.

Benefits of the Stair Climber

Low Impact

Stair climbers are great because you are in complete control of the speed and pace at which you perform during your workout.

Unlike running, climbing is far more forgiving on your joints, allowing you to slowly build up strength and avoid injuries in places like the knees, ankles and hips. You can burn up to 3 times as many calories working out versus a treadmill.

Great for toning muscle

During a stair climber workout, you are set to a certain pace, meaning you’re constantly on the go. Due to this, your core is engaged the whole time.

The stimulation of the muscle tissues and fibres that this causes can have a great toning over time.

To add another level of difficulty you can also add weights top the equation in the form of a weighted vest.

Fits well into busy schedules

Because you can target a lot of different muscle groups at once, the stair stepper is good for those on a busy schedule. There is no need for multiple workouts, and you can perform a well-rounded routine in less than 20 minutes.

Stair climber workouts from beginner to advanced

Beginner: Steady Climb

Start with a 10-minute session at a comfortable pace.
Maintain a steady climb, focusing on good posture and controlled movements.

Intermediate: Intervals

Warm up for 5 minutes.

Alternate between 1 minute of intense climbing and 2 minutes of moderate pace.
Repeat this cycle for a 20-minute session.

Intermediate/Advanced: Cross Steps

Engage your leg muscles differently by taking sideways steps.

Do 2 minutes of stepping with your right foot to the left step and vice versa.
Gradually increase the duration as you get more comfortable.

Advanced: High-Intensity Intervals

Warm up for 5 minutes.

Sprint at maximum effort for 30 seconds, followed by a 1-minute recovery at a slower pace.
Repeat for 15-20 minutes.

Advanced: Reverse Climb

Challenge your muscles by walking backwards on the stair climber.

Start with 5 minutes and gradually extend the duration as your balance improves.

Remember to cool down after each session and adjust intensity based on your fitness level.

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