Jason Robinson - Top 5 Workout Tips

Jason Robinson - Top 5 Workout Tips
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Jason Robinson OBE recently joined Echelon instructor Rowan at our London studio for a special 6 Nations Dual Ride!

Jason is an English sporting legend and reached the summit in international Rugby League and Rugby Union. He played in three world cup finals, scoring England’s only try to help secure the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup in Sydney, Australia.

Known for his trademark side step and devastating acceleration, Jason is one of the fastest England players of all time. He had to be in peak physical condition during his career to ensure top performance. Here are his top 5 tips to get the most out of your workouts!




1. Nutrition - They say “ You are what you eat!” and that is so true!

Nutrition can sometimes be overlooked but eating well can make a massive difference to how you perform. Fuelling your body with the right foods and vitamins pre and post exercise makes such a difference to your energy levels.

I carry healthy snacks like nuts, bananas, protein bars etc in the car to help me get through the day when I’m hungry.


2. Recovery - For me to recover is just as important as it is to exercise!

After a tough session it's important that we allow our bodies to rest and recover.

There are many ways to do it but for me a good warm down after a tough session is a great start. Over the years I’ve used compression clothing to help flush the lactic out of my legs. Other things like Jacuzzi’s/ sauna’s/ massage can be very beneficial and was always one of my favourite ways to chill after a session.


3. Set Goals - Having a plan and setting goals can really make a difference.

The key is to make sure those goals are realistic!

A little and often will bring consistency/ good habits which can help us reach those goals. Getting advice from trained fitness professionals or following programmes will give you the confidence to know what to do and when to do it.

Results don’t come overnight so it’s important to be patient. When we reach small goals it will give us more determination. 


4. Mix up your sessions - Variety is the spice of life!

I think it's so important to mix up your sessions to keep things fresh and work different muscles. I try to change my session throughout the week, one day might be a Hit session and the next might be an endurance session. This is really important to build up your all round fitness.


5. Training buddy - Training on your own can be great but sometimes we need a little bit of motivation.

I’ve been lucky to work in some of the best teams in the world and have always loved working with others. It can sometimes be just what we need and challenge us to work that little bit harder. Not only that, it can make training a lot more fun and it's so much better when we enjoy it!”


- Jason Robinson OBE


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