6 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals this Year

6 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals this Year
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If you have already broken your new year’s resolutions, or you haven’t even started working towards your 2022 fitness goal, you will not be the only one! There is still plenty of time left in the year to improve your fitness and achieve your goals, and Echelon are here to help you throughout your journey. We wanted to share some of our top tips to help you stay motivated and on target to achieving your fitness goals.

1. Create a Plan

Achieving your fitness goals is not something that will occur overnight. If you have not already created a fitness plan, then this is the best place to start your fitness journey, as a clear plan helps to keep you focused and motivated. Your plan should be unique to you and your fitness levels, but it should identify days you are planning to workout, the workouts you will be doing and smaller attainment targets to hit.

2. Be Realistic

Slow and steady wins the race. Achieving your fitness goals is not something that will occur overnight. You should always set goals that are realistic. It is better to start small with your fitness journey and build your sessions and intensity as you become fitter. If you set unachievable targets, you are more likely to lose motivation at a faster rate. For our Echelon members, we would advise starting with our lower-impact classes before jumping straight into our more intense classes.

3. Workout with Others

Whether you have a friend that you can work out with, you are in a fitness group, or you are part of an online fitness community, working out with other people can improve your success. When training on our own, we are less likely do not push themselves in the same way they would if they were doing the same workout with other people. There are also times when you are not motivated to do a workout but having others relying on you is often the push you need.

If you are unable to convince your friends or family to be your training buddy, then you could join an online fitness community instead, such as The Echelon United Membership. Here you can meet other people online, virtually train with them

4. Listen to Your Body

When working towards a fitness goal, it is essential that you listen to your body. It is important to make sure you are taking rest days as and when you need them. Not only does this help to reduce injury and fatigue, but it also enables you to put greater effort into the other workouts you are doing. We would suggest adapting your workouts based on how you are feeling; on days where you are feeling drained, do a lower impact workout and put your all into that.

5. Get a Workout Membership

To stay on track with your fitness goals, it is best to invest in a good membership. Attending live classes, whether this is in person or virtually, will push you to your limits and challenge you. Paying for a fitness membership alone can also help to motivate you to do classes.  

6. Keep Your Workouts Interesting

If you are doing the same workouts every week, they will inevitably become repetitive and feel like a chore. It is important to avoid this happening by regularly switching up your workouts and make sure you incorporate an element of fun to some of your workouts. Try and do something out your comfort zone, such as Zumba or aqua aerobics.

How Can Echelon Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

At Echelon, we have a diverse range of products to support you on your fitness journey. If you are looking for exercise equipment to achieve your goals from your own home, then check out our Connect Exercise Bikes, Smart Rowing Machine, Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill, and our Reflect Fitness Mirror.

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