The Best Exercise Bike Workouts for Beginners

The Best Exercise Bike Workouts for Beginners
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With a huge selection of at home cycling classes available on smart devices nowadays, it can be overwhelming deciding which cycling class is the right one for you, especially if indoor cycling is new to you.

From improved cardiovascular endurance to reduced risk of illness and improved mental wellbeing, there are a wide range of benefits to cycling, and what better way to achieve these benefits than in a fun, yet challenging bike class.

In this article, we are taking a look at some of the best beginner bike workouts we offer on the Echelon Fit app, to help you decide which class is most suited to your needs.

Top Echelon Beginner Classes

At Echelon, we have a huge selection of classes that have been specially designed for all fitness levels. So, whether you are a cycling novice, or an experienced indoor cyclist, we have the perfect class for you. Many of our members start out with our beginner classes and progress to our more advanced classes as their fitness and confidence levels increase.

Check out the Beginners Classes section of the Echelon Fit app. These Fusion classes are designed to be the first step in our members' Echelon journey. You will learn the basics of the Echelon bike and metrics, get introduced to the basics, and experience the energy of a live class experience!

Echelon Beginner Classes include:

Intervals and Arms 10

Our intervals and arms 10 class involves a high intensity interval training that alternates between bursts of all-out effort on the bike followed by free weight sections. If you are looking for a class that is going to push you out your comfort zone, then this is a great choice for you.

Fusion 10

This class involves a variety of movement, helping the body to adapt. A fusion class is a medley ride of our favourite drills - strength, power, and speed, perfect for a beginner.

Hills 10

Hills is one of the most challenging beginner rides on the app. Build your strength and cardiovascular endurance with a range of climbs.

Speed 20

Push past your limits as you generate and sustain speed at higher cadences in our speed 20 class. This fast-paced class is great for building your cardiovascular endurance!

You can also find a range of classes in the Start Here section on the Echelon Fit app. These shorter 10-minute classes are perfect to build up your confidence on the bike and get a taste of what each type of session features.

Wanting to Start Your Cycling Journey with Echelon?

As well as offering a variety of live and on-demand fitness bike classes for all fitness levels on the exclusive Echelon Fit app, we also have a wide range of smart connect bikes for those wanting to kick start their indoor cycling training.

Now is the perfect time to purchase your smart bike, as we have savings of up to £628 in The Big Bike Sale, which includes a 30-day memberships, so you can get started with your beginner classes straight away.