Keeping Well in Winter - Our Tips

Keeping Well in Winter - Our Tips
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As the temperatures drop and daylight hours shorten, staying motivated for fitness in the winter can be challenging.

However, with the right approach and a few adjustments, you can maintain and even enhance your fitness routine during the colder months. Here are our top tips on how to keep fit in winter:

Embrace Indoor Workouts

When the weather outside is cold or rainy, take your workouts indoors. That way, you’re still getting all the exercise you need, just in the way that suits you best.

Join an online fitness membership, follow online workout videos, try home-based exercises, and explore indoor fitness machine options to keep up with your fitness.

Adjust Your Routine

Understanding how to keep fit in winter might require tweaking your usual workout routine.

Shorten workout durations, increase warm-up time, and focus on flexibility exercises to prevent injury in colder temperatures.

Stay Hydrated Even in Cold Weather

While it may seem less obvious, staying hydrated during winter workouts is just as crucial as in summer.

Cold air can be deceptively drying, so remember to drink water before, during, and after exercising.

Prioritise Strength Training

Winter months offer an excellent opportunity to focus on strength training.

Building strength not only improves overall fitness but also helps maintain motivation during the colder, darker days.

Don’t Neglect your Mental Health

Keeping well in winter isn’t just about physical activity; it’s also about mental resilience.

Embrace the season, find joy in winter-specific activities, and cultivate a positive mindset to stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals.

Practise Good Nutrition

Understanding how to keep fit in Winter also goes beyond exercise.

A balanced diet is important all year round. However, if you’re exercising a lot in the Winter months, it may be more beneficial to make some slight changes and try to fit more carbohydrates in.

Protein should also be prioritised, as it’s a macronutrient that plays a vital role in muscle repair and growth.

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