How to Incorporate Cross-Training into your Running Routine

How to Incorporate Cross-Training into your Running Routine
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Cross-training refers to any alternative exercise/ physical training you may do which enhances your performance in your primary sport.

If you’re looking to push your smart treadmill running routine to the next level, consider adding cross-training into the mix. Here are our top ways to do it:

Attend a weekly yoga class

Yoga is a great cross-training activity for runners, as it is known to prevent common running injuries.

When running, its common for your body to feel out of balance as a result of one side taking more impact than the other. For instance, you may accidently come down harder on your right hamstring as opposed to your left.

Yoga works by rebalancing the body, reducing the risk of one-sided injuries.

On top of this, yoga helps to build elasticity in muscles, through allowing your muscles to contract and stretch. This helps to prevent injury from overextension when running, which is another common form of injury in runners.

Conveniently, an Echelon FitPass membership gives you access to yoga, meditation, HIIT, and more off-equipment classes to add into your routine (FitPass is included in our Premier membership option). 

Cycle when you can

Often, you can cycle for longer periods of time than you can with running. Due to this, cycling is a good way to build cardio for your smart treadmill training.

In a similar sense, cycling is a good way to improve your stamina for running because you can last that little bit longer, without putting as much stress on your leg muscles as you do when running.

Make time for strength training

Strength training is a crucial cross-training activity for running. This is because muscular strength is required when absorbing the force of your steps. If you do not have the muscle capacity, the force will impact your joints instead, increasing the risk of injury.

Having a stronger core will also improve your running form. If you find that after a while your form or posture dips then strength training is a great way to improve your running efficiency.

Looking to improve your smart treadmill training routine?

At Echelon we offer smart, connected home gym machines which compliment each other when it comes to cross-training.

For instance, our new smart treadmill Stride 6S pairs perfectly with our Connect Bikes for cross-training if you aren’t always able to get out of the house. Likewise, our Reflect smart fitness mirror allows you to attend classes like yoga from the comfort of your own home.

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