Getting Started with Indoor Cycling

Getting Started with Indoor Cycling
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If you’re an indoor cycling beginner and want to get up to speed with the basics of indoor cycling training, then this expert guide is exactly what you need to get started.


Before you get started, it is always best to make sure you have suitable equipment for indoor cycling training, including an exercise bike, appropriate activewear, footwear and a heart rate monitor for tracking your performance.

Exercise Bikes

There are a variety of exercise bikes that you can use for your indoor cycling training, so be sure to pick one that fulfils your needs. If you are struggling to decide which Connect Bike would be best for you, then have a look at our bike comparisons. If you already have a fitness bike, then it is important that you understand your bike capabilities, as this can help you get the most out of your indoor cycling training.


Having suitable activewear and footwear is also essential for your indoor cycling to ensure comfort and performance. Wearing cycling shorts or training leggings is recommended for indoor cycling training, and for maximum comfort a padded bike seat is essential.


Wearing appropriate footwear is crucial for indoor cycling training to prevent injury. Whilst the majority of fitness trainers are compatible with our bikes, we would highly recommend wearing our Echelon bike shoes to get the most out every ride. They include SPD cleats and are engineered with breathable mesh.

Heart Rate Monitor

Although a heart rate monitor is not a necessity, they are incredibly useful for monitoring your performance and making the most out of your sessions. 

Goal Setting

Setting yourself personal goals for your cycling is the best place to start when it comes to indoor cycling training. Having well-defined goals, no matter how big or small, can provide you with a target to work towards. Some examples of goals you can set for indoor cycling training could be:

  • Cycle 25 miles every week
  • Cycle for 45 minutes three times per week
  • Take part in two live Echelon classes per week

Be sure to set an end date for your goal and review your progress as you go. If you find that your goal is too easy or difficult, then you can also amend it accordingly.

Indoor Cycling Training Plan

To ensure you stay motivated and achieve your cycling goals, an indoor cycling training plan is a useful tool. You can develop a cycling plan that fits your lifestyle preferences, available training and cycling goals, helping you to get into an indoor cycling training routine. The Echelon United Membership is the perfect app for your indoor cycling training needs, as it features a huge variety of live and on-demand cycling classes with various difficulty levels.