Get to Know Our Echelon Stride Classes

Get to Know Our Echelon Stride Classes
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The Echelon Stride classes have been designed with you in mind. With a comprehensive range of Stride classes for on and off your Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, this guide has been created to help you make this decision. From low-impact walks to full-body bootcamps, we have the perfect stride class for everyone on the Echelon Fitness App.


When you want to warm up, or cool down, try…

Warm Up Runs

Our Warm Up Run sessions will get your body prepared to work out.

Cool Down Runs

The Cool Down Runs focus on lowering your heart rate and recovering after your workout, helping to avoid injury.



When you want to start at a slower pace, try…


Although our Walking classes are low impact, they are designed to strengthen and challenge your entire body. As you climb inclines, you will put your cardiovascular fitness to the test.


When you are a running beginner, try…

Basic Runs

The Echelon Stride Basic Runs classes will help you perfect your running technique, showing you how to use your arms to drive through your runs, find an appropriate stride length and position your body in a way that prevent injuries. This class will help you become a more efficient runner.


When you are looking for a music-driven workout, try…

Rhythm Runs

If you are looking for a fun total body music-based classes that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, then our Rhythm Runs are the best option for you. Get ready to run to the beat of the music at a steady, easy pace.


When you’re looking for variety, try…

Stride Bootcamp

The Stride Bootcamp workout will have you on your Echelon Stride for half the class, and strength training off your treadmill for the other half. This workout is guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated.

Stride Bootcamp Total Body

The Stride Bootcamp Total Body class take the traditional Stride Bootcamp to the next level, focusing on working out your whole body. This class also combines training on and off your treadmill, mixing cardio with strength training for the ultimate workout.



When you are looking to target specific muscle groups, try…

Stride Bootcamp Arms and Abs

For a high-impact arms- and abs-focused workout, the Stride Bootcamp Arms and Abs is the class for you.  You will be on your Stride for half the time, and strength training of your treadmill for the other half. A workout that will get your metabolism pumped up and leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day.

Stride Bootcamp Core

Our Stride Bootcamp Core is a core-focused, high-impact class that will help you build core strength. This workout combines cardio and strength training, with half the workout being on your Echelon Stride and half being on the floor. This core workout will keep you energized all day long.

Stride Bootcamp Glutes and Thighs

The Stride Bootcamp Glutes and Thighs class is a high high-impact glutes- and thighs-focused workout that will see you on your treadmill for the first half of the class and on the floor for strength training during the second half. Bootcamp Glutes and Thighs will improve your stamina and strength in one.


When you want to run in short bursts of speed, try…

Sprint Runs

The Sprint Runs class features short bursts of high-intensity speeds followed by low-intensity recovery time, challenging your anaerobic system. If you are looking to improve agility and power, or simply switch up your training, then this class is the one for you.

Sprint Hills

The Sprint Hills class involves short bursts of high-intensity speeds followed by low-intensity recovery time on an incline. This workout is designed to help you build strength and speed, putting your fitness to the test.

Interval Runs

The Interval Runs classes will see you complete 60-second to 3-minute intervals of intermediate-intensity (sprints or running) followed by active recoveries (jog or walking) on your Stride treadmill. You will build both power and endurance by using your aerobic and anaerobic systems.



When you want to increase speed and stamina, try…

Race Runs

The Echelon Race Runs enable you to go the distance. This class focuses on refining your pace whilst running a race to achieve your indoor and outdoor running goals.

Endurance Runs

Our Endurance Runs workouts will see you running in longer intervals followed by recoveries. If you are wanting to build stamina and improve your longer-running goals, then this is the workout for you.

Endurance Hills Runs

During Endurance Hills Runs classes you will see your endurance being challenged, running in longer intervals followed by shorter recoveries. The use of incline on your Stride treadmill helps to build strength, stamina and speed.


When you are looking for a self-guided workout, try…

Scenic Runs

The Scenic Runs are self-guided classes where your indoor treadmill screen displays a moving video of running in a particular location. Instead of an instructor leading the class, you are in charge of your own workout.


Try a new Echelon Stride class today!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert racer, we have an Echelon Stride class for every athlete. Find all the Echelon Stride Classes by heading over to the Run section of the Echelon Fit app.

New to Echelon? All our Echelon Stride classes are available with the Echelon United Membership. Make the most of your indoor treadmill with the Echelon United Membership. Become part of our community and discover how our classes can help to liven up your workout routine.


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