Get to Know Our Connect Bike Classes

Get to Know Our Connect Bike Classes
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With a wide variety of Echelon Connect Bike classes, your workouts will never be boring. This guide takes a closer look at our cycling classes to help you decide which class is best suited to your mood and energy level.

When you want to gear up or slow down, try…

Warm Up Rides

Our warm up rides are specially designed to get your body ready to ride.

Cool Down Rides

To ensure you slow your heart rate and recover after your Connect Bike session, we have a range of short cool down rides.

When you are new to cycling, try…

Beginner Rides

If you are new to Echelon and are wanting to learn the basics and sample all the types of rides we offer, our Beginner Rides are a perfect option for you. Not only will you get to know the Echelon instructors, but you will also be able to find the Connect Bike classes that inspire and challenge you.

When you are focusing on building a solid foundation, try…

Low Impact Rides

Our Low Impact Rides are designed to focus on form, technique, and execution, providing you with the opportunity to build a solid foundation. By combining milder terrains and moderate-intensity drills, these low impact Echelon workouts help to build a baseline fitness level and encourage active recovery.

Endurance Rides

Another kind of Connect bike class that helps riders establish a solid foundation and build baseline fitness levels are our Endurance Rides. These classes incorporate the variables of time and tempo across milder terrains.

When you want to maintain strength and performance, try...

Power Rides

As the name suggests, the Echelon Power Rides are our most powerful workout, and are the perfect option to maintain strength and performance. These Power workouts combine high resistance and leg speed using an interval training style, whereby speed, load, and time are switched up throughout the class to increase strength and stamina and spike post-workout metabolic activity.

When you are looking for something unique, try…

Zumba® Party Ride

One of our most unique Connect Bike classes is the Zumba® Party Ride, an Echelon-exclusive bike class where our connected cycling meets the popular, high-energy Zumba® music and choreography. This workout is always a favourite within the Echelon United Community.

When you want to let music rule your ride, try…

Cadence Rides

Cadence Rides provide interval training for the music-driven athlete, veering cyclists away from “rules of the road riding”. The Cadence Rides classes combine rhythm riding with full body strengthening, working all muscle groups including your glutes, quads, core, and upper body.

When you're ready to push your personal record, try…

Speed Rides

The Echelon speed rides are the perfect way for you to push your boundaries, improving anaerobic threshold and overall aerobic capacity. Pedal through perceived limits and exceed your previous record, as you generate and sustain speed on flat roads and mild climbs at higher cadences.

All Out Rides

Our All-Out Rides have been developed to help you practice and develop skills that will directly result in a greater output on the leader board. You can revisit these classes at any point to see how you improve over time. It is recommended you take a Warm Up Rides class before joining, as these classes really are all out.

When you want to mix things up, try…

Bike Bootcamp

The Bike Bootcamp classes combine cycling and floor work, with sessions beginning with a Connect Bike ride and finishing with floor exercises. We recommend using regular trainers and utilising the toe cages on your pedals, to be able to quickly transition from the bike to the floor in these workouts.

Fusion Rides

For a Connect Bike class that will challenge your physical and mental agility, our Fusion Rides are the best option. These Echelon classes are a medley workout of our favourite strength, power and speed drills.

When you want to break through barriers, try…

Tabata Rides

If high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is your favourite style of training, then our Tabata Rides are the best Echelon cycling classes for you. The Tabata Rides are a form of high- HIIT that involve short bursts of intense anaerobic exercise, followed by brief recoveries, promoting aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Effort and rest in these workouts are at a  2:1 ratio, respectively.

Hill Rides

Our Hill Rides are considered as one of our more challenging ride classes we offer at Echelon. The main aim of these workouts is to build strength and cardiovascular endurance whilst working major muscle groups, by combining steep climbs, moderate grade climbs, and rolling hills with bursts of speed.

When you are looking for a self-guided workout, try…

Scenic Rides

Scenic Rides are self-guided workout sessions, where your screen will transform into a video of biking in a specific location, instead of an instructor leading the class. Be in control of your own workout.

Try a new Connect Bike class today!

Whether you are just getting started with your Echelon bike or you are trying to beat your personal best, we will have the perfect Connect Bike classes to help you achieve what you need. Be sure to check out the Cycling section of the Echelon Fit app and try a class that you’ve never done, as it could become your new favourite workout!

New to Echelon? All of the Echelon Connect Bike classes are included in the Echelon United Membership. Join the Echelon community today and start working towards your fitness goals.