Get to Know… Nicole

Get to Know… Nicole
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We are putting a spotlight on our amazing Echelon Fit instructors in our exclusive ‘Get to Know…’ blogs. Keep reading to find out more about Nicole.

Instructor: Nicole Griffin

Teaches On: Connect Bike, FitPass, Reflect, Row

Studio: Chattanooga



Meet Nicole Griffin

Since Nicole joined the Echelon instructing team in January 2018, she has been bringing positive vibes and good fitness rides to the Echelon community. As well as being a talented instructor, Nicole is a skilled artist in woodworking and painting. So, if you can’t find her in the fitness studio, then she can be found in her art studio.

Nicole’s beagle, Orange, has a zest for life, which she likes to say is something he gets from her.


Nicole’s Personal Fitness Journey


Nicole finds joy in helping other people succeed and become stronger, with her philosophy being “strong is the new skinny” and the number on a scale does not define who a person is. She is certified in indoor cycling, AFAA Group Fitness, and American Red Cross CPR.

With her rainbow braids and endless jokes, Nicole’s fitness workouts are always light-hearted, and she loves to turn her workout classes into a musical journey, with new music and plenty of stories from concerts.

Nicole’s passion to motivate others is what drives her to keep going, and when the indoor ride gets challenging for people, she loves to push them to do their best with positivity. If you are ready to take on a challenge, then Nicole’s fitness classes are perfect for you, and she will be with you every step of the way. She also likes to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones, as this is something she likes to do herself, having competed in Dare to Dance, a Chattanooga non-profit event. Although she did not win a dance related award, she won the Sunshine award for personality!


 What Brought Nicole to Echelon?

 Whilst Nicole loves being able to harness her creativity when putting classes together, the real reason she joined the Echelon community as an instructor is because she can be part of each rider’s own personal fitness journey. She really loves being able to hear all the stories and knowing that she has been able to have a positive impact on her riders’ day makes it all worth it. Here is one of her favourite stories about one of her Echelon class riders:

When the rider started, she could only ride for 2-3 minutes at a time. However, she kept working, practicing, and staying committed. The rider completed her first Power Hour Echelon class the other week!  


Nicole’s Tips for New Members

When it comes to fitness, Nicole says that everything takes practice, and you aren’t always going to smash it your first time on the indoor bike. Even Nicole struggled through her first indoor cycling class.

For new riders, Nicole advises them to be patient with their progress and body, as anything worth having takes time and effort. She also says that you should never take yourself or fitness too seriously. Although training for competitions is fun and goals are important, it is often far more important to feel good when you hop off the exercise bike. Have fun along the way because change doesn't happen overnight!


Echelon United Community

New to Echelon? You can join Nicole with her on-demand and live Connect Bike, Row, or FitPass classes on the Echelon Fit app. Become part of the Echelon Fitness Community today and find out what the fuss is all about.