Get to Know… Demi

Get to Know… Demi
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We are putting a spotlight on our amazing Echelon Fit instructors in our exclusive ‘Get to Know…’ blogs. Keep reading to find out more about your favourite instructors.

Instructor: Demi Patience

Classes: Echelon Connect Bike Classes

Studio Location: Echelon London

Instagram: @demileepatience

Meet Demi Patience

If you have ever been in one of Demi’s fitness classes, then you will know she is a highly energetic instructor, who syncs her fitness class to the beat of her favourite pop and house tunes. If you like to work out with music, then Demi’s connect bike and stride classes are perfect for you. She also leads sing-alongs in her classes to help you keep your mind off the burn.

Demi’s Personal Fitness Journey

Demi has now been a fitness instructor for over 10 years, and she loves that her jobs allow her to help feel better about themselves both people mentally and physically, as and her favourite thing is to help people feel better about themselves. Her job as an Echelon fitness instructor is a great way for her to connect with other people that share the same interests. Demi always strives to be a better and happier version of herself, with her inspiration coming from her mum’s strength and compassion. When Demi is not leading an Echelon class on her exercise bike, you can find her at Starbucks or hanging out with her French bulldog, Bleu.

Demi’s approach to teaching fitness is based on how she likes to be taught, with distinctive directions and an emphasis on the fun aspect. Instead of her members watching the clock and counting down the minutes to the end of her fitness class, Demi wants all the members in her class to enjoy the moment and provides fun workouts that are appropriate for all fitness levels.

What Brought Demi to Echelon

Echelon’s interactive member community is the main reason why Demi joined the team. She loves being able to connect with all the Echelon United members through her exercise classes and it makes her 4 am wake-up calls worth it for her.

She also enjoys being part of the instructor community, with one of her top memories at Echelon Fit being dual bike ride with Sage in a membership appreciation week. One of Demi’s proudest moments is when she taught a fitness class in New York City during one of Echelon’s pop-up events, where instructors came together from all over the world.

Demi’s Tips for New Members

Demi’s advice to new Echelon United members is ‘don’t ever give up’. To stay motivated, find a fitness instructor or workout partner that will push you. Just remember that each effort makes you stronger and fitter, so don’t give up when it gets tough. Your fitness results will speak for themselves! 

Echelon United Community

If you are new to the Echelon community, you can join Demi and our other specialist fitness instructors with their on-demand and live classes on the Echelon Fit app.