Echelon Steady State

Echelon Steady State
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Echelon Steady State is our new program. It is focused on building fitness by maintaining a steady effort. 



Research has shown that maintaining a steady effort during exercise provides a distinct benefit, different to that provided by High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. While both are beneficial for building health and overall fitness, Steady State training brings something different to the table (or bike, as it were). 


Here are the Five key points to remember for this new program!

  1. You will maintain a particular cadence throughout the entire class. Classes will be labeled with both the duration of the class and the speed you will be riding. So, for example, a “Steady State 20 - 90 bpm” is a twenty-minute steady state class in which you will be riding at a 90 cadence.
  2. The effort is up to you! These classes are designed to keep you at a specific cadence - chosen by your instructor - and effort - chosen by you. You can take a Steady State 20 - 65 bpm as a moderate, zone 2 class, maintaining a comfortable effort throughout. You could then turn around and take that same class as a hard, zone 4 class simply by adding resistance and turning up your effort. You are in the driver’s seat!
  3. Let the music be your guide. The music in these classes will align closely to the cadence you are being asked to follow, so if you start to lose focus or doubt your ability to maintain the speed, just ride to the beat. 
  4. Always warm up first. Because our Steady State classes are designed to hold the same effort and cadence throughout, we are counting on you to show up warm and ready to work. Steady State-specific warm up classes will be available on the app, so be sure to complete one of those 5- or 10-minute warm ups before logging on for Steady State. 
  5. Record your stats! Steady State Classes are made to be taken again and again, so when you finish a ride, make note of your effort, heart rate zone (if you use a heart rate monitor), cadence, resistance, and output. When you take that class again, enjoy seeing those numbers improve!



Which Steady State Class are you most excited about?