Echelon Breathe Challenge

Echelon Breathe Challenge
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Breathe Challenge - Available Now

It is easy to forget to take time out of your busy schedule to get some me time, and to just breathe! All you need is 5 minutes to relax and recuperate. 


Deep breathing has been proven to reduce stress levels and helps us to reset our emotions to give us a more balanced and relaxed mood. It is a great technique to use as it can be performed any time, anywhere, and carries over to your daily life. Harvard Medical Schoolhighlights that deep breathing can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilise blood pressure. This makes it an ideal way to round off a challenging workout or to destress after a long day.


The Echelon Breathe Challenge is designed to help you return your body to a relaxed, resting state. We see how much effort the Echelon community puts into our classes, and we wanted to make sure you take 5 minutes afterwards to wind down. Our expert UK instructors have created 5 x 5 minute classes for you to enjoy. 


Here is what the community has to say:

“I’ve done a couple, the instructors voices are so soothing, thank you Echelon, we all need reminding to breathe” - Sharon

“I actually did one for the first time this morning, it was great, really relaxing. Definitely going to try and do them from now on after my workouts.” - Helen

“Love these classes!” - Lauren


You can find the Breathe Challenge on the Echelon Fit app!