Working out on an Echelon Bike

2021 Echelon Challenge

Kick-off your 2021 fitness goals with the Echelon Challenge! This four-week fitness program features a variety of equipment-free workouts varying in length and intensity, ensuring there’s a starting point for everyone. Between dynamic coaching from expert instructors and encouragement from the Echelon community, this challenge is the perfect launching pad for anyone looking to get fit and have fun while they’re at it.

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Working out on an Echelon Bike

Meet Your Goals and Win Echelon Equipment!

The Echelon community is the support system needed to keep you motivated, share your progress, and build accountability. If you complete our four social media post checkpoints, you will be entered to win a piece of Echelon equipment! Click below to download the 2021 Echelon Challenge goal card, fill out your goal and share it on your social media with #EchelonChallenge2021 and tag to complete the first checkpoint.

Print out The card


Get the support and accountability of the Echelon community by posting about the challenge on social media. Complete a checkpoint each week and be entered to win a piece of Echelon equipment!

  • Week 1

    Print out the Challenge Goal Card. Share it on social with #EchelonChallenge2021 and tag

  • Week 2

    Post on social a selfie of you sweating towards your goal. Tell us which classes are your favorite. Tag #EchelonChallenge2021 and

  • Week 3

    Share your post-workout endorphin glow on social. Tell us who's keeping you motivated. Tag #EchelonChallenge2021 and

  • Week 4

    You’ve made it! You’ve accomplished so much in 4 weeks. Post your celebratory selfie on social and tell us the next goal you are going to conquer. Tag it with #EchelonChallenge2021 and to be entered to win.

Working out with Fitpass

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