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At Echelon we are
Redefining home fitness

The Echelon Connect Sport compact and high-quality design has a small footprint for easy mobility and storage.

Impressive adjustable features let you adapt the bike to your body, while integrated technology is your exclusive invite to the Echelon community. Challenge yourself against others in fun, motivating classes or take your smart bike on scenic rides – it’s your workout.

Use your unique code from groupon at checkout to get your Echelon Sport for free

Echelon Sport Smart Connect Bike

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Use your unique code from groupon at checkout to get your Echelon Sport for free

At Echelon, we believe fitness is a lifestyle, not a status symbol. Your goals may take a little sacrifice, but the price of your bike shouldn't. That's why we developed the Echelon Sport Smart Connect Exercise Bike that seamlessly combines fitness and tech to offer the best in stationary biking at a fraction of the cost.

From the Echelon Fit app on your personal phone or tablet, pair your Connect Sport Exercise Bike to engage in live and on-demand classes and track real-time performance stats, including Leaderboard ranking, distance, speed, calorie burn, and total output for every workout.

The Sport Connect has a compact design and small footprint to fit in small spaces along with integrated front wheels for easy mobility and storage.

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Connects to your phone or tablet.
Prefer an integrated screen? Upgrade to the Sport-s!

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