Fitness Classes for the Whole Family

Fitness Classes for the Whole Family
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With children now off school for the summer holidays, finding activities to keep them occupied can be challenging, especially if the weather isn’t great. At Echelon, we have a wide range of classes that are suitable for the whole family, and with five users per Echelon Premier Membership, you can get everyone involved in fitness this summer. With a huge variety of class options, there is an Echelon class for all family members — regardless of age or experience level!

Zumba® Inspired Classes for the Energetic Family

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Whether you are a Zumba® novice, or a Zumba® veteran, we have a class for you, and don’t worry, you do not need to be a great dancer to enjoy this class. Set to fun, upbeat music and featuring choreographed dance fitness routines, these high-energy dance classes are sure to leave your whole family feeling energised and with a true sense of accomplishment. We offer two Zumba® inspired classes at Echelon, which are both guaranteed to keep your family entertained:

Taste of Zumba® : a 20 to 30 minute adaptation of the total-body dance-fitness experience you know and love from Zumba®.

Zumba® Party Ride: an Echelon-exclusive bike class where connected cycling meets high-energy Zumba® music and choreography.

Yoga Classes for the Flexible Family

From improved strength and flexibility to enhanced heart health, yoga is a great workout for the whole family. Get the yoga mats out and enjoy a healthy bonding session as you take part in one of our yoga classes. With workouts designed for all experience levels, we have a yoga class for every family member. Our yoga classes include:

Restorative Yoga: A healing yoga practice, whereby poses are held for an extended period of time to promote a calming effect and encourage relaxation.

Vinyasa Yoga: A yoga practice that links breathing with controlled movements to build strength, flexibility, and balance.

Slow Flow Yoga: A more leisurely-paced vinyasa yoga practice that links breathing with movement, balanced with holding poses for extended periods.

Athletic Yoga: A faster-paced vinyasa yoga practice that builds strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance.

Cycling Classes for the Family with Older Kids

If you have children over the age of 13, then cycling could be a great choice! Available in a range of difficulty levels, we have the perfect cycling class for everyone. All of our cycling classes are paired with the best music that will keep everyone entertained. Some cycling highlights for the family include:

Teen Fusion Rides: A medley ride combining strength, power, and speed, that have been specially designed for teens. These classes feature clean music, more descriptive instructions that will guide your children through every step and are slightly less challenging than our regular fusion classes.

Brunch with the Hagers: Led by married instructors Brian and Amy Hager, these fun cycling classes are great for adults and kids!

FitPass Classes for the Family with Young Kids

Available within the FitPass section of the Echelon app, we have a variety of family friendly off-equipment workouts, which have been specially created for families with young children. Each class is five to ten minutes long, featuring easy to follow exercises and upbeat music that is great for every family member.

Get Your Family Fit with Echelon

Regardless of your age or fitness level, we have a class for everyone on the Echelon app. From teen fusion rides to prenatal classes, our world-class instructors are to help each member of your family reach their fitness goals!

New to Echelon? All of the classes mentioned in this post, along with many more, are available with the Echelon Premier Membership. Join the Echelon community today and kickstart your whole family’s fitness journey!